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“Using an Aging Care Manager provides quality of life benefits for both the aging parent and the children. It allowed my brother and I to be our mom’s children, and not her project managers.”  Debbie, PA


Aging Care Managers (also known as Geriatric or Senior Care Managers) are licensed professionals, trained to manage the different aspects of aging care. Aging Care Managers can save you and your family time and money while providing invaluable professional guidance and services, all in one place. Whether you need help with insurance assessment or coordination of caregivers, with medication management or treatment oversight, or with all of the above and more, the Aging Care Manager is your best liaison. 

AgingCare.io is the only national resource for aging care managers. We are an independent listing directory for all aging care professionals, regardless of which organization certified them. Our goal is to provide aging care managers with much-needed marketing and resources, and to educate the public about their existence, services, and work.



Need Help Caring For A Senior?

Connecting with an Aging Care Manager is easy and can save you a lot of time, energy and, more importantly, can prevent mistakes. Here you can find a professional who will work with your family to overcome the present and future hurdles of aging care. Health insurance, housing, medication management, financial oversight, and all other aspects of aging life are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate; there is no easy solution to aging care and life but there is a better way to manage it: all in one place, with the help of a professional Aging Care Manager. 

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