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“My parents live in different towns on Long Island; mom has Alzheimer’s and my dad has heart problems, and a disability. I had no idea how to manage all doctors’ appoitments and medications, insurance, caregivers, and general living arrangements for them – until, searching for solutions one day, I came upon AgingCare.io. It immediately made sense to me! I now have someone who helps not just my parents but me as well; she is my advisor, and the best help I could wish for. Thank you so much!” Heidi Benjamin, Long Island, NY

Care Managers come from different backgrounds within health and human services professions including nursing, social work, rehabilitation, counseling, worker’s compensation, and mental and behavioral health. The goal of the manager is to meet the family’s and the individual’s comprehensive health and life needs.

Aging Care Managers provide assistance and services in the main aspects of aging and life care management, as listed below. But they work not only to manage health and age-related issues but also to ensure good quality of life for their clients, from coordinating home repairs and needed home maintenance, to recommending local events and resources that are socially and emotionally beneficial for the clients.

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Connecting with an Aging Care Manager is easy and can save you a lot of time, energy and, more importantly, can prevent mistakes. Here you can find a professional who will work with your family to overcome the present and future hurdles of aging care. Health insurance, housing, medication management, financial oversight, and all other aspects of aging life are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate; there is no easy solution to aging care and life but there is a better way to manage it: all in one place, with the help of a professional Aging Care Manager. 

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