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Why Choose Aging Care.io?

We founded Aging Care.io because there is no centralized resource for locating an aging care manager. For the uninitiated, finding the right care manager to meet a family and loved one’s needs is an overwhelming process. AgingCare.io streamlines the search for a care manager by listing every manager in the country, regardless of the certifications or professional associations that hold their licenses.

We are an independent directory, listing care managers by background, experience, and services they offer. Our directory allows family members to further narrow down the search geographically, by expertise, by price, and by client reviews rating, and to then contact these managers directly from the website.

Aging Care Managers become trusted supervisors and advisors to seniors and their families. Think of AgingCare.io as the directory to find the person who will always work in the best interest of your parents and family.

How to take care of aging parents when you live away?

Taking care of your elderly parents or relatives is a challenging but rewarding experience. It can also be incredibly difficult to manage, even for the most prepared. When other life factors come into play such as work, family obligations and distance, getting aging parents the help they need seems impossible.

AgingCare.io offers a solution to this common dilemma by connecting families to professional aging care managers through a first-of-its-kind listing directory. Aging Care Managers can coordinate and manage all the various aspects of an elderly person’s life: from medical and insurance assessments, to entitlements, claims and medication management, to overseeing doctor’s appointments and caregivers, or helping with housing, and the emotional and social well-being of their clients.

What is an Aging Care Manager?

An Aging Care Manager, also called a Geriatric Care Manager, is a professional who has expertise in multiple aspects relating to the care of the elderly. Managers typically come from fields such as nursing, psychology, and social work with an emphasis on working with seniors. They use their knowledge and experiences to help seniors and their families get access to complex resources they might need; they also assist with health insurance, medical and caregiver issues, and ensure the elderly person in question is living the best possible life for their specific situation. 

As an expected 77 million baby boomers enter their senior years, the demand for care managers and related senior care services will only increase over time. An estimated 7 out of 10 adults will need assistance as they age. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for senior care managers will grow by 32% over the next 10 years, projecting faster than average job growth. 

A study conducted by the Aging Life Care Association in Florida found that 97% of respondents, the majority of them family members, felt that hiring an Aging Care Manager had a positive impact on their elderly relative. 99% said that the care manager impacted their own lives positively as well. To learn more, visit our Aging Care Manager Role page or contact us.

How Aging Care Managers Help Seniors and Families?

There are multiple moving parts in the care of an elderly loved one. Aging Care Managers help manage some or every aspect of senior care depending on the need, and on their own qualifications and preferences. Many aging care managers have a background in nursing or social work. Their goal is to help elderly clients retain their independence, and age at home safely. The care managers are usually located in the same or a nearby community and available around the clock to assist clients and their families. Care managers can assist by:

  • Evaluating potential caregiving agencies and supervising them
  • Guiding the family through managed health care or crisis
  • Being a single point of contact for all aspects of care, from home improvement to medical appointments 
  • Serving as an emotional support for the family
  • Scheduling and attending doctor’s appointments and providing feedback to the family
  • Acting as a trusted family advisor 
  • Contacting insurance companies for the family and dealing with claims
  • Helping to weigh quality-of-life benefits with the senior and their family
  • Managing hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, or hospice care
  • Making sure the home is safe and advising on alternative housing options when needed
  • Financial and legal planning 

Because aging care managers are local and familiar with the community, they have a better understanding of what senior care resources are available, and who are the high-quality local providers. They can use their knowledge and assessment skills to develop and manage a comprehensive care plan that works for the family and the senior. For more information, visit our Aging Care Managers For Families page or contact us.

Need Help Caring For A Senior?

Connecting with an Aging Care Manager is easy and can save you a lot of time, energy and, more importantly, can prevent mistakes. Here you can find a professional who will work with your family to overcome the present and future hurdles of aging care. Health insurance, housing, medication management, financial oversight, and all other aspects of aging life are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate; there is no easy solution to aging care and life but there is a better way to manage it: all in one place, with the help of a professional Aging Care Manager. 

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