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About Aging Care Managers

About Aging Care Managers

Caring for aging parents when you live away?

Caring for aging parents or relatives is a challenging but rewarding experience. It can also be incredibly difficult to manage, even for the most prepared. Life factors such as work, child care, and distance, can make getting aging parents the help they need seem impossible.

AgingCare.io can help. By connecting families to professional aging care managers through a first-of-its-kind listing directory. Aging Care Managers can manage all aspects of your aging parents’ life. For example, medical and insurance claims. Also, they can help with entitlements and even medication. In addition, they can help with doctor visits and with mental and social factors.

What is an Aging Care Manager?

The Aging Care Manager Role, or Geriatric Care Manager, is a professional with the training to care for seniors. As a result, they typically come from fields such as nursing, psychology, and social work. They use their skills to help seniors and get access to the resources they need. They also help with health insurance, medical and caregiver issues. Also, they help make sure your Mom or Dad are living the best life they can.

77 million baby boomers are entering their senior years and demand for senior care services will grow. An estimated 7 out of 10 adults will need assistance as they age. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for senior care managers will grow by 32% by 2020. 

Aging Life Care found that 97% of families agreed that an Aging Care Manager had a positive impact. 99% said that the care manager impacted their own lives positively as well. 

How Aging Care Managers Help Seniors and Families?

There are a lot of moving parts in caring for a senior. As a result, caring for aging parents remotely can make it even more complex. We can help! For example, they can assist with every aspect of senior care depending on your specific needs. Many care managers have a background in nursing or social work. Their goal is to help seniors retain their sense of self, and age at home safely. Care managers are usually located in the same or a nearby community. As a result, they are available around the clock. To assist clients and their families. Care managers can assist by:

  • Evaluating potential caregiving agencies and supervision
  • Guiding the family through managed health care
  • Being a single point of contact for all aspects of care
  • Providing emotional support for the family
  • Managing doctor’s appointments and reports
  • Acting as a trusted family advisor 
  • Contacting insurance companies and managing claims
  • Quality of life reporting
  • Assist with hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, or hospice care
  • Ensure safety and advising on housing options when needed
  • Financial and legal planning 

Because aging care managers are local they bring trusted local service providers to help. As a result, they make it easier to get the help you need.

Why Choose Aging Care.io?

We founded Aging Care.io because there is no one resource to find an aging care manager. For most, finding the right care manager to meet seniors needs is complex. AgingCare.io streamlines the search for a care manager. As a result, users can view listings from all locations and across all areas of expertise.

We are an independent directory, listing care managers by background, experience, and services they offer. We help family members to narrow down the search for quality care by location. Additionally, users can search by skill, by price, and by client reviews. Finally, once you’ve found the perfect aging care manager you can contact them directly from the website. Aging Care Managers become trusted supervisors and advisors to seniors and their families. Think of AgingCare.io as a way to find a trusted caregiver to work in the best interest family.

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