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How to Help Aging Parents Who Struggle to Care for Themselves

How to Help Aging Parents Who Struggle to Care for Themselves

How to Help Aging Parents Who Struggle to Care for Themselves.

People have a more difficult time managing to care for themselves as they age. Some seniors may be unwilling to follow their doctor’s orders and take the medications that they need to stay healthy. Other aging parents simply cannot comply with some orders or follow medical advice. Because they have a physical, mental, or logistical challenges, following orders is difficult. This article offers some tips on how to help parents be compliant when you can’t be there.

Understanding the Limitations

Compliance is a difficult topic to tackle with older parents because they have to want to do something. Parents cannot be forced to do anything they don’t want to do. Unless they are no longer capable of making their own decisions, force won’t work. However, there are other tactics that concerned family members can take. The most effective way to communicate that you are worried about your parents is to just tell them. It’s as simple as saying you’re worrying too much about them. Keeping it high level usually works best. By pointing out everything that has gone wrong, parents may become defensive.

Accepting Help

Once you understand that you can’t force a parent to accept help, start thinking about how you can get them to accept it. Empathizing with a parent is key. As concerned as you are about their health and safety, they are probably just as concerned as you are. Coming up with alternative solutions that allow your parents to have a say or have control over what happens will encourage accepting help. One way to do this is to look into hiring an aging care manager.

How an Aging Care Manager Can Help

Hiring an aging care manager is one way to make sure your parents are getting the help and support they need because the care manager offers an unbiased third-party opinion. Your parents may actually be willing to share problems they have or concerns about their health with an aging care manager. Just as telling an older parent that worrying about them places a burden on you since they won’t accept help, they may not tell you everything fearing that they will burden you even more.

Aging care managers can also manage care for your parents. If you can’t be with them because you live far away or have a really busy schedule that makes care management difficult, the aging care manager can fill that role.

Most aging care managers have degrees and backgrounds in fields such as nursing or social work. In this instance, working with an aging care manager who has experience managing care and helping families who are caring from afar may be helpful.

Why Hire an Aging Care Manager?

An aging care manager will make sure an adult parent is taking care of themselves when a child or other family member cannot be there. If an older parent needs assistance from a caregiver to take their medications on time or stay in good health generally, the aging care manager can also assist with finding the right agency.To find a local aging care manager that will help your parents with their care, visit AgingCare.io We offer a comprehensive directory of aging care managers who are independently verified and ready to help.

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